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Kitty Cats Catfish

Kitty Cats Catfish

The Congaree River comes out of Columbia, SC before it flows into Santee Cooper. Beautiful river, beautiful scenery. This morning I fished with The Outlaws and Terry Madewell. Whitey Outlaw is a professional crappie fisherman www.whiteyoutlaw.com and Terry is a professional outdoor writer from way back. Google Terry Madewell, you'll see what I'm talking about. If it concerns the outdoors, Terry has written about it.


Want to catch a bunch of eating sized cats? Launch your boat at the 601 Bridge, use Catawba worms or shrimp (sorry Whitey), fish deep outside bends in the river and I'm pretty sure you'll have good luck. Email me and let me know how you did! 

Seen the new B'&M' catfish rods? They're called Silver Cats, great rods, perfect action. They'll handle those big blue cats over 50 pounds. I've used all kinds of rods for cats, I will be getting a set of these for myself and for my guide trips! https://www.bnmpoles.com/

 Thank you men!

God Bless,







Fishing with Whitey and Jay
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