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Spring Biting on the Santee Cooper Lakes

Spring Biting on the Santee Cooper Lakes

 Hello again from the Santee Cooper Sportsman TV!

This spring on the Santee Cooper Lakes has been a spring like no other. The fish are biting, but you have to catch them between cold fronts. This past winter was really cold, it just didn't seem like it was ever going to warm up! Oh well, it has been warm the last week or so, and the fishing is really starting to be more consistent.


My parties and myself have caught some really big cats starting to move shadow. This is the time of year that you want to fish from 5 to 10 feet during the day. Find tall humps in the lower lake. Especially if they are isolated humps. If the hump has good stumps on it, that makes it even better. Knowing how to use electronics really helps with your spring time fishing. I like a good GPS with a good lake map, that shows humps, ditches, stump fields, etc. this time of year, these are the type places that the Big Blue cats like, so you have to know how to find such places. When you find a likely spot, fish with pieces of cut herring; you can get these at Blacks Camp or any of the other fish camps, these are the herring that come from the ocean this time year to spawn in the lakes. They make great catfish bait! Tighten your boat down between two good anchors, throw out as many rods as you can, and hold on!

blog2Caught some nice crappie yesterday in Blacks Camp Cove. You can catch them this time year early in the morning and later in the afternoon in black water ponds. Any depression in the back of the creek, especially places that are sort of cut off from the main lake, where the water temperature is a little higher. The crappie in the Santee Cooper Lakes don't necessarily spawn in a foot of water, most of the time it's in 5 to 6 feet. That is why it is so important to find the right depression, preferably in the back of a major creek. If it is a black water pond, so much the better. In the Upperlake, Lake Marion, they will spawn in depressions as well as against cypress trees. Of course, I don't get going with the crappie really heavy until the end of April. By this time, the fish has come out of shallow water and are back on my brush piles. The fishing is more consistent then for my guide trips.

Stripers are starting to show up, anywhere you can find current. This is the time of year that they run up the lake to spawn. I have heard of some nice fish being caught down at the Pinopolis dam also. It is taking some very heavy sacks to win the local bass tournaments. When I say heavy sacks, I mean 25 to 35 pounds! I'm so proud of my buddy Linwood Thornhill, he won the FLW tournament on these lakes last weekend. Good job Bigfoot! If you want a great bass guide, he's your man. 843-351-4238. Been catching my bass mostly on Senkos and big spinner baits on drops and over brush piles. There are some fish on the bed also.This is the time year to get that big bass, that ten pounder! Oh yeah the big Shellcracker and Bream should be coming in shallow water to bed any time now! Keep your eyes and nose open. I can't wait.

The Santee Cooper Sportsman TV now airs on the Walk Network. Right before Jimmy Houston, Saturday mornings, 9:30. thewalktv.wordpress.com We are now broadcasted to 25 million homes, minimum! Plus we still air on the Lowcountry CW


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