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Todays' Catfishing

Todays' Catfishing

Hard to patern the big cats today. Was fishing specifically for a trophy, did manage to catch a few nice ones.  Some more great guys from West Virginia: Hank and Johnathan. 

Started out early by drifting off a steep shallow ledge, caught a couple of blues in 14 feet of water; one of which was 35pounds. caught the rest of the fish in various depths, fish were scattered out everywhere today. Still catching them on Gizzard Shad, drifting mostly on the SE side of the lower lake. 


Really hit the cats hard Saturday, rode way up in the upper lake to find some big stripers. Took us a while to find them, but when we did we hit the rockfish and the cats at the same time! (With a little help from Capt. David Hilton.) Ended up catching a couple of keeper Rockfish and filled the cooler with Blue Cats. Biggest one was 30 pounds. Didn't have one to release though, as I have made a new boat policy - mandantory catch and release of catfish over 40 pounds. Nevder have enjoyed killing those huge trophies, and most of my clients have been practicing catch and release for quite some time now. Most people don't even have a problem with it. CPR = Catch, Photo, Release. Over the last few years, some really big fish have been caught and put back in the drink. 

Remember - for big fish, Winter time is the right time

 Good fishing and God Bless,



Spring Biting on the Santee Cooper Lakes

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