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Watching Schools

Watching Schools

Fishing has been pretty doggone good this summer. Lots of schoolie cats in the lower lake, with a nice one every now and then. Cats mostly on herring in 15 to 25 feet of water. Caught some nice bass in the Cooper River yesterday, somehow my daughter managed to catch the bigger ones, however. Caught them on a watermelon and pink  floating worm. 


Been tortured every day I fish the lower lake, though. I've been watching the stripers school like crazy knowing they can't be caught 'till Oct. 1st. I can't wait! Been seeing schools with 250 birds on them with white water everywhere! Thrashing and crashing! 

Crappie and bream are getting going pretty good, should be wide open soon. Look for bream to be on beds with this full moon.


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